Monthly Archives: March 2006

Do you want to be part of the evolution?

I’m going to put forward something that's outside the square. It's certainly not accepted business wisdom. And right now it isn't something practiced widely.

Here it is… “Performance management is the most important activity in any business or organisation”.

Sure a lot of businesses would see performance management as very important, but not the most important activity they do.

But then there was a time when it was accepted that the only way for technical or skilled people to advance in an organisation was by moving into management roles. But a great number of skilled people aren't suited to this, they're more satisfied using their talents.

If you’re out there Manfred, the guy who took me for logic 101, here’s my reasoning…

A business really needs a purpose and goal – otherwise you have no idea what's important, what you want to achieve, and in what direction you are travelling. What's worse, your employees have no direction either.

So where's your organisation going now?

OK we agree that a business needs a goal. This includes short, medium and long term goals.

Alright, so how is a business going to meet that goal?

Did you say "by doing a, b and c"? Nice!

OK, now who is going to do a, b and c?

"People"…..? Oh smashing!

So, if people are the only way of achieving the goals of an organisation, then letting them know what those goals are and how they contribute to them is critical. If I'm in your team, I can't achieve our goals unless you tell me what they are. This is the foundation for success and the cornerstone of performance management.

At this point ask yourself, do you know your objectives and are they in line with your organisation's goals? What about your team – are their objectives in line with yours? Do they understand the importance of their objectives to the achievement of your organisation's goals?

A foundation isn't much on its own. For goals to be achieved, you need to have people equipped to achieve them. They need to stay focused and motivated. And they need to know how they are progressing. People need to be recognised and rewarded for their contribution. This is what performance management is all about.

Are you focussed and motivated. Do you get feedback on your progress. Do you have a sense of being part of something. Are your achievements recognised?

Is performance management the most important activity in your organisation?

I see a quiet evolution. Where winners are freeing their people from the tedium of their job description. Making them part of something. Motivated with a sense of achievement. Recognised for their contribution. In an organisation that sets out to do something and does it!

Do you want to be part of the evolution?