I love performance management. And what’s even more incredible is that I’ve met other people who do as well.

But for so many people, all they experience is the dreaded annual review. It’s a source of anxiety for both managers and their team members. It’s my goal to free us from this mediocre-at-best process. The annual review has just been rated unsatisfactory!

There’s a lot to love about performance management. It is evolving now. The methods of performance management are being created in our life time through the people working in this field.

It requires skill and thought to get right. And it involves one of the most important things – human emotions. When done well great things can happen.

I’m exposed to performance management practices every day through my work at Cognology. Both with clients and also in the management of my own team.

I’d like to share with you the things I have learnt. To help you avoid the pitfalls and learn the techniques of winners. I hope you find it helpful.

Jon Windust

You can reach me by email at performance@cognology.com.au.

Thanks to the talented Roanne Harvey for the images in each article.


3 responses to “About

  • Khaiser Ali Shah


    Interesting website but looks like non commercial (Not for Profit). Can you please tell me what exactly you are trying to do through this website.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Khaiser Ali Shah

  • jon

    Hello Khaiser, thanks for your comment. The purpose of the blog is to let people know what performance management is and how to go about doing it properly.

    Because it is a relatively new process, it was generally done poorly in the early days and is still badly done by many.

    Performance management has evolved and there are some very effective techniques that produce good outcomes. So the blog is a way of letting people know about those.

  • Manpreet Sidhu

    Perfect Site , Perfect material. I have gone through so many materials, but no material fulfill my requirement.

    Thank you very much

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